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Q.1 How Do I Register to become a User on and why?


Please click on the Icon, in the top right corner register and follow the simple steps to register. is an independent artist based music portal.  Its goal is to build a global platform and fan base for independent artists.

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Q.2 What can I upload?


You can upload your own non-copyrighted music for the sole purpose of creating a market for yourself.  You can upload your own tracks.



Q.3 What fees are charged for Uploading and or Registering? does not charge any fees for uploading your tracks or for registering.  Registration is free.



Q.4 What fees are charged to fans?


Use of the site is entirely free for both the fans and the artists.



Q.5 How do I build a market for myself?


Simply register at and start uploading your original non-copyrighted tracks, tell all your friends and acquaintances to vote for your uploaded tracks, it’s that simple. The more votes you get the more popularity you will have.The more votes you get also means the more predominant your music will play continually on our Radio.


Q.6 How does the Radio work?


The Radio plays the most favored tracks on a continually looped basis.


Q.7 Can I earn an income on


Yes, most certainly you can through the resale of your Artist branded merchandise, memorabilia and experiences.  Uploads what you propose to sell ie: merchandise, memorabilia and experiences, and once we approve them, they will be made to all for purchasing.  For these items we pay you 60% Of its price.  It is recommended that you reasonably price items and include your cost for shipping, handling and 13% for Ontario local tax in your price. Once consumer receives the item we will release you 60% of its value.


Q.9 What if I sell copyright music?


Currently selling of your music is limited to albums in the product section only after we can assert the validity of their originality.  If you are caught selling copyright music, your account will be deleted and you may be subject to lawsuits or other related laws governing the related industry.  We do not agree and will not be held liable for any such transactions or activities.  When uploading music we assume you have read the terms of service and that you agree to follow and respect the terms of usage of this site. 


Q.10 What is GP Margin?


GP margin means gross profit margin, which is the sale price less processing fees and direct fees.


Q.11 What is meant by experiences that can be sold?


An experience can be a Live or private singing of a track, the ability to interact live with fans via a webcam or other programs, it can include performing at a local or faraway function or event, making an appearance, including the fan in a music video of yours and a wealth of such services that can be used to generate significant revenues.


Q.12 Why does Require to approve products and experiences?


We do this for many reasons, primarily to control the  sale of goods and services and to limit the sale of items that breach to terms and service of the site.


Q.13 What type of Products or Experiences can be sold on


•                What type of products include the following:


•                Clothing

•                Apparel

•                Instruments

•                Memorabilia

•                Autographs

•                Various Fan Wear

•                Posters/Print

•                Albums


•                What type of Experiences include the following:


•                Private Concerts

•                Private Recordings

•                Fan placement in Artists Ads

•                Fan placement in Artists Videos

•                Meet and Greets

•                Local Events

•                Home or Event Attendance

•                Autograph Sessions

•                Custom music for fans

•                Charitable appearances

•                Other similar Experiences



Q.14 Can I make sales outside of


This is not encouraged, it is strictly prohibited to connect with fans and relationships gathered at for the  purpose of avoiding fees or earning direct revenue.  We try hard and spend tremendous resources to make this web platform available to our Artists.  All violations of business established directly through our portal will result in the immediate closure of your account.  The fans account and all payables due to you or is possession of  Additional legal implications may also follow to recover our portion of these fees if necessary.


Q.15 What if the fan asks that we perform the transaction outside of


All such occurrences, if detected will result in a permanent ban of use of services for both users. Also, in such cases, you are not protected and both you and the freelancer can’t be properly rated. Therefore, there is significant risk.



Q.16 Can my account be re-instated?


No, if you are in violation of the terms of service of www,, your account will be permanently deleted. Should you register using other information and our staff find out at a later time, your account may be permanently closed and all funds residing in your account will become property of and non refundable. All postings will be cancelled.


Q.17 How do fans pay for goods and how do I get paid?


Currently PayPal will be the primary payment engine, however, future payment gateway will be made available. agrees to pay you on a quarterly basis.


Q.18 What other services are provided to Artists? connects aspiring musicians, artists, comedians, actors and talent electronically with their global fans.  We aim to create a web portal that strives to both promote this talent globally, and to connect this talent with recording alliances and contractors.  Our Recording Alliances include recording professionals and businesses globally ready to sign talent to contracts.  Our primary goal is to facilitate such transactions, as this is our primary source of revenue.  To facilitate these transactions we have partnered with a number of recording labels to deliver you your first end-to-end talent web platform specifically designed to help promote and build your global presence.

Q.19 What fees are charged for connecting labels to artists?


In the event that we successfully lead to the signing of you with one of our recording alliances, you agree to pay us a 4.8% management fee/commission for these services.  As we are a free service, our ultimate goal is to identify the next big name.  We only charge this commission if we directly link you to a recording alliance and you are ultimately contracted. Our ultimate goal is to connect talent with lifetime opportunities.


Q.20 Where are my items sold?

Your items will be sold in our online media store that can be accessed from landing page and that is sorted according to artists and by clicking on each artist.


Q.21 Who and what are the fees for placing advertisement banner ads?


The main page allows sponsored banner advertisements. Advertisements are necessary to generate revenues.  Commercial sponsors and/or artists can purchase advertisement banners.  The fees for each banner AD are $250/month.  Additional discounts apply for multiple purchases.  Please contact us at for additional information.


Q.22 What can be advertised?


Only legal print and ads that do not contain pornography, or illegal activity and or information and content that is generally deemed inappropriate to both the general public and to All other Ads will be revoked and or may be sent to authorities as deemed appropriate. Please review and follow the terms of service.


Q.23 Can I create a blog topic?


No, blog topics are created by only to help control the legality of the content being discussed.



Q.23 Can I post responses to a forum?


Yes. However if you post illegal or inappropriate content, images or use vulgarity you risk the permanent closure of your account and forfeiting of funds residing in your account.


Q.24 Are there filters to avoid illegal content postings?


No, but we take this very serious and any postings for Alcohol, Pornography, Illicit drugs and other such items including profanity will result in the permanent closure of your account and forfeiting of funds residing in your account, as well as possible legal action and or prosecution by local law as deemed fit. is not responsible for such postings, but will take all steps necessary to minimize such disturbances.


Q.25 Are there ever promotions or free music?


From time to time will offer such services.


Q.26 How can I change my password?


You can do so by clicking on your profile and making changes to your account.


Q.27 What if I forgot my password?


You may click on the forgot my password link to initiate the reset my password procedure.


Q.28 What if another user has the exact same user id?


This is rare, but in such cases please contact so that the issue can be remedied immediately.


Q.29 Why should I use is your first full turnkey Artist end to end business-to-business and business-to-consumer music focused web portal that connects fans and artists and labels together. It is the secure way of interacting and transacting globally. It is a meeting ground for fulfilling all your objectives orderly and efficiently.


Q.30 What if an Artist is not responding to a purchased Experience?


In such cases your transaction will be cancelled and a request for refund of the related fees will be initiated. Please contact to report such transactions.


Q.31 How do I get paid my commissions?


During registrations you are asked for your PayPal id.  We collect this information to pay you your commissions. 


Q.32 When is commission paid?


All commissions are paid quarterly.


Q.33 What if the selling price is later reduced for Products or Experiences?


In these cases your commission will reflect what you earned only.


Q.34 What is a vote?


Artist’s tracks are rated by other Artists or Fans when they select a track or video and click the Like or Dislike buttons. Ratings are used to allow Artists tracks to be ranked.  Higher ranked tracks are featured on the site and are streamed via the Radio.


Q.35 How are votes submitted?


Registered Users can submit votes only.  Registration is required to keep voting authentic.


Q.36 What are’s uploading policies?


Please visit the terms of service agreement and tab.  In general all uploaded videos or tracks must be your own original non-copyright materials, unless you are the lawful owner of the copyright.


Q.37 Do you have an affiliate program?


No, we do not have an affiliate program at this time. We believe in increasing fees of goods or services to fans and artists would be inappropriate. 


Q.38 How many ads can I place?


You may place up to 3 ads. There are a total of 200 possible sponsorships available. These numbers may change without notice.



Q.39 Can I display or copy or use your information on my website.


Absolutely no such uses are allowed.


Q.40 Reporting abusive uploads and language


If you detect abusive uploads and language please bring to our attention by contacting us at, please indicate the Artists, the upload or language content, its exact location by copying and pasting the URL and provide any comments you may have. We take this very serious and will take all appropriate steps to minimize future occurrences.


Q.41 Someone has duplicated my uploads, what can be done?


If you can prove that your music has been duplicated we suggest you bring it to our attention.  Please note that we will review both users and it may result in the closure of their or both users accounts.  We will thoroughly investigate to determine which user is in violation.  We may not be able to resolve such situations, in such instances we recommend that you take your own legal action against the Artist.  We are not liable and when you use our site you agree to not hold us liable at all for such instances. 


Q.42 Someone else has posted or used my account, what can be done?


If you feel that someone else has used your account without your knowledge, please notify us immediately so we can take appropriate action at:





Q.43 After logging in I am continuously logged out, what can be done to rectify this situation?


We recommend that you erase your cookies and empty your cache. If the problem persists please email us at, so that we can take all actions necessary to try and rectify this problem.


Q.44 I don’t remember my login id, password or security question answer, what do I do?


Please send us an email to, include your full name, address and any other information you think would be of use to us so that we can try and retrieve your account. We will then send you an email to the registered email account with that account so that you can reset your account, password and user id information.


Q.45 What is RSS Feeds.


The RSS Feeds refer to an ongoing update of the latest activities at


Q.46 What Does My Profile Mean?


This is where you can build your own domain about yourself.


Q.47 What is Latest News?


It is an up to date music related news stories provided to us as a plug-in.


Q.48 Do you endorse the News?


No, we simply provide it as an added value for our users.


Q.49 Which countries do the Artists reside? is a global platform and users live globally.


Q.50 I would like to close my account, how is this done?


If you would like to close your account please send us a message at, and we will take all the necessary steps to close your account. In order to close your account you must not owe any outstanding services.


Q.51 What if I close my account and then decide I would like to re-open it, what happens then?


Should you decide to close your account, you cannot re-open it at a later date, you will need to set-up a new account.


Q.52 What if I don’t see my Genres but think it should be created?


You may suggest changes to the site via the contact us tab or by sending us an email to  If we feel the category should be added, we will do so and let you know accordingly.


Q.53 What are Latest Tracks?


Latest Tracks represent the most recently uploaded files.


Q.54 What are Featured Tracks?


Featured tracks are tracks that receive the most positive “Likes” votes.  Featured tracks are also the only tracks played on our radio/multimedia player.


Q.55 What can I upload under my photo’s tab?


Here you can upload legal, clothed images of yourself, band or related materials.  Please refrain from posting copyright items, pornography, and illegal content or other such items as indicated in the TOS Terms of Service tab.


Q.56 What is my votes?


It is a tab that once you open it illustrates all your uploads and how each one has been rated by registered users.


Q.57 What is the function of the My Music and Video’s Tab?


Here you can see all your uploaded content and you can add additional files.


Q.58 What is the function of the About Me Tab?


Here you can post information about yourself or yourselves.


Q.59 What if I do not find the answer to what I’m looking for?

If you did not find the answer you were looking for please contact us at and we will gladly assist you in any way we can.